BalkanSteps blog is made by volunteers from local organization called Volunteers’ Center of Vojvodina, that is situated in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Idea for the blog is made out of the need to share experience, inform, and invite people to join and help us in this time of big humanitarian crisis that is going on.

During the year 2015, when people from Middle East conflict areas started to seek refuge in Europe, we organized many benefit and solidarity actions in order to raise awareness on the topic of refuge and migration. We collected clothes, we organized workshops. Balkan route was open and at the time, huge influx of refugees and migrants made people react really fast.

We recognized the need to create a special platform where we can focus on this topic more, and connect with other, like-minded people, in this battle for humanity.

People fleeing from war and persecution need our help, as much as volunteers who are working with them – in camps, on the borders, and in community centers. We are planning to make more solidarity actions in the future, and to share first hand information about the situation on the field.

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