Volunteer Meeting April2016

Dear friends,

This refugee crisis has seen an incredible movement of independent volunteers and organizations.

We want to invite representative(s) of your group to a meeting in Serbia.

Our mission is  to support, connect and empower volunteer groups and initiatives working along the current refugee crisis and to create time and space to meet and exchange our work, methods and knowledge.
The crisis is not at it’s end and we need now more than ever to support each other, learn from one another and create a platform for horizontal coordination, communication and mutual aid.


The meeting will take place in Serbia, near Novi Sad, Vojvodina.

We reserved 3 days:
14 April – 18 April 2016 (meeting days are 15-16 and 17 april)

You will be hosted in Novi Sad full board during the meeting days and
those who need we can support in your travel costs.

You can use this registration form :


Or contact us for more info:


At the meeting there will be representatives of volunteer groups and organizations from differnt parts of the world who work along the current refugee crisis.

The agenda will be focussing on exchange of practice and networking.  We will exchange knowledge about current situation and discuss strategies and idea’s about facing that what is coming.  There is enough space in agenda for proposals and individual projects.

We will also work out new- and exchange existing tools for preparing volunteers.  We will focus on the special conditions volunteers face in closed and military camps / detention centers.
We will exchange methods of communication between groups and initiatives and horizontal coordination strategies.

We will look at the role of existing volunteer networks in supporting the volunteer placement in this crisis.

There will be focus on  good practice of Social Inclusion of people seeking refuge in the crisis.