We need your help to raise funds for volunteers who are working
with those refugees traveling trough the Balkan


At the border between Macedonia and Serbia are passing
thousands of people each day, on their way North.
People seeking refuge from war and impossible living conditions.

We are present with changing teams of independent volunteers. Our aim is to monitor the situation, to provide information and help where needed and most of all to greet these amazing and brave travelers with a smile and a few words.

We need always new volunteers who like to commit for few days at least.

At the moment we are searching a house at the border to use for volunteers to recover from the often traumatic and exhausting shifts (during day and night). This house will also serve as office for meeting, training and coordinating volunteer efforts all over the Balkan.

To realize this, while preparing for winter scenario’s, we continue to search for resources.  If you wish to contribute in any way, please contact us…


BE 04755546845031
(Merel Gebruers)

for more info :

Click the image for testimonies of our journey and observations of local volunteers



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