Give a light

We invite you to a fundraising concert to support
volunteer initiatives for refugee families

This will be a sound bath of sacred frequencies, performed by some of the most effective and powerful healers-teachers of this time.
You are welcome from 19:00h to a Gong bath, followed by shruti, tabla, …

Then we will present you our experiences with the refugee families entering the Balkan, and speak a little about the projects we are initiating

We finish the evening with a concert by guests from Brazil and Belgium

All income and donations will go directly to support our project to help those people seeking refuge who are now traveling trough the Balkan.
Our project will empower the volunteers who are working day and night in very unhealthy and traumatic conditions.
We aim in first instance to relief the suffering of families with children and elderly, who are sleeping on the street, in the rain and cold, subject to hypothermia and inhumane treatment.

Click this picture to read something more about our projects:

Apart from a surprise performance by two great masters, following artists will perform during the concert:

Ana Rozman

Ana Rozman – Tarandeep Kaur is a certified Shakti dance® instructor, a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and journalist in the field of spiritual growth. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years. With great passion, dedication and love she practices and shares the techniques of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan to uplift and serve her students and all those around her. Recently she has devoted a lot of her time to mantra practice, she plays the harmonium and sings. She believes that chanting sacred songs in a group setting is the quickest way to raise our vibration.

Petr Zupan

Petr Zupan – is a highly sensitive and intuitive musician, one of those wonder-children who, when put in front of any kind of instrument, creates new and unheard of sounds and vibrations that seem to come from other spheres or dimensions. He is as much musician as he is an instrument of the divine. One of the most promising upcoming gong masters.

“Music accompanies me in different forms all my Life. Singing, dancing and playing on different instruments travel with me through the endless Universe of Sound, Motion and Rhythm. I am researching the magic and the soothing influence of the universal language on well-being, balance of energy state and widening the realization of myself and others. I am walking with Sunshine and Laughter on my shoulders.”
Petr Zupan

nejaNeja Zupan

Dr. Neja Zupan is a chief executive officer of the Institute BISERNICA, an institute for the development of creativity and personal growth.
She is an internationally recognized trainer of Personal Excellence and NLP (Neurolinguistic programing), therapist of the method Touch for Health and Craniosacral therapy, very senior and advanced practitioner of OM KARA Kriya Yoga studying with lineage holder swami Anandakapila and researcher of ancient shamanic traditions.
References and more information are available on
Neja her unstoppable explorative spirit leads her audience into the deepest dimensions of the Universe.
about Neja

primozPrimoz Kante

Primoz is an artist creator who learns constantly new techniques and perfect-ionizes those. As one great master once told me: “when I teach him something, he does it immediately, only better.”
Primoz has been playing didgeridoo for some years now. He is learning certain indigenous healing techniques and incorporates those in his play.

For more information and registrations contact
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