This is a call for your help in a social inclusion strategy for people seeking refuge.


I am working with an International peace and volunteering organization,
Service Civil International (SCI).
SCI ( organizes short and long term volunteer projects in Europe and the rest of the world. In 2015 SCI branches send almost 3000 volunteers abroad and received the same number in their projects.

We already work in refugee camps and many refugees join our projects.  This is a nice way for newcomers to spend happy time in international groups, and to find friends in the country where they are asking asylum or where they are stranded. Moreover it is a good opportunity to be active in a positive way and explore social networks.

Having this good experience we will now boost this social inclusion strategy and aim to open places in volunteer projects for people seeking refuge that are interested in this.


In a first step we are looking for experts.  Refugees and others who are active in camps and social projects for refugees.  After identifying these social actors we will invite them to our orientation and preparation events.  This core group will then build a social inclusion strategy from direct field experience combined with office intelligence.

Maybe you met a Syrian human rights activist mediating in Eko camp.  Or you saw a Kurdish mother organizing childrens activities in the port of Athens…


If you know people who might be interested to help us with this, please trow a line!

Write us here:


Thank you