December 2015

It is the year 2015 and this world counts more than 60 Million refugees. 60 Million human beings – Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, South Sudan, Irak, Syria, Jemen… So when Europe is (finally) realizing that this is one world where we ought to share pain and happiness – displacement, sorrow, lost and grief have been part of this planet long before. I like to look at this “Syrian crisis” as a ‘wonderful’ chance for European citizens (and others) to wake up – to finally wake up from illusions – The illusion that we can continue our life while other people suffer – the illusion that we can send weapons and keep the conflict away – that the life and death of others is not our responsibility – the illusion that we can increase wealth with unfair economic activities – the illusion that “all is fine” while more than 1/4 Million people in Syria alone died because of this “Syrian crisis” … Let’s wake up from the illusion that “I” am separated from “You”. Instead we shall see that there is only “us” – I am you as you are me. We are part of this one world! So while volunteering in Macedonia, I loved to let go of the “I” – I do, I help, I wait, I freeze, I, I…. it was not about me and it is still not about me. It is us.


We, together, need to find a way to acknowledge that the happiness is yours as much it is mine – it is ours. And so is the suffering mine as it is yours! Let’s bear it together, let’s share! My physical body then was volunteering for the world – for the world which counts more than 60 Million refugees. Yes, some might call me a hopelessly naive optimist – but yes I do believe that we can live in peace. If everyone shares a bit of happiness and pain we might find a balance. We then might let go of the big “I” and replace the Ego with “us”. We cannot bear and share everything. But I do believe that everyone can share and bear some things. And what we “can” do we are ought to do – lets use our very own potential as human beings to be human, social beings. And with that we shall go a little bit beyond…

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