Skopje Asylum Seekers

Dear friends,

This is a small call for your support in a project we are setting up in Skopje, Macedonia to support asylum seekers.

Macedonia has been forgotten since the official closing of the Balkan route, yet many refugees are passing trough this country every day and we have had people stranded in the transit centers in inhumane conditions for over 9 months.

“The Balkan Route is not closed. It was only transformed from being coordinated by governments, agencies and Civil Society Organisations, to being coordinated by smugglers and traffickers, exposing the population to indisputable risks of exploitation, violence and extortion. Regular irregular movements of vulnerable population have been reported from all the Balkan countries since March 2016.”
— article by Legis NGO – 2/12/2016
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Macedonia is a poor country and the conditions of asylum seekers is not good.  We wish to change this with a small initiative.  For this we need some support.  Please have a look at the concept note below, and contact us if you can help us anyhow.

In Macedonia there are now approx. 30-35 asylum seekers. Most of them, upon starting the procedure for asylum, were not immediately relocated in the asylum seekers center, but spent  months in the temporary transit center on the north and south border of the country without any freedom of movement. In the beginning of November, they were transferred in the Asylum Seekers Center Vizbegovo in Skopje.  Upon arrival some of them wished to be back to the transit centers because of lack of services and dignifying conditions in the Asylum Seeker Center. The freedom of movement they have now is limited with the distance the asylum seekers center is from the city – 8km, and they need to pay for transport any time they wish to go out. They have no possibility to work, no control over their life, and no activities are happening in the Asylum Seeker Center.

Project Idea:
The idea is to allow Asylum Seekers in Macedonia to develop skills or use the skills that they have to take back the control of their lives and get back the feeling of purpose and self-worth by giving them space and resources to do so. With providing office space and possibility to use it in normal office hours, and technical resources such as computers and printers, as well as guidance by LEGISngo staff, the asylum seekers will have the opportunity to develop skills connected with online work, write their experiences and publish them on social networks, or learn how to do paid online translations or other online paid jobs.

Project needs:
We are searching for donations or funders for following expenses:

– transport from and to legis – bus tickets or rent of van

– Minimum 10 computers (lap tops or anything that works decently for online assignments), so all refugees that want to work can use the office in groups, 3 days per week.

Any ideas, donations or contacts of possible supporters is welcome, you can write us here: