Sorry to have missed out on the skype call, but happy that we have same idea, that it is good to unite forces.

First of all, congratulations with the work you are doing, in the group and in your branches.  Me, and the group i have been working with on this, hope we can empower your work and add to it with some ideas and project proposals.

I will shortly introduce the group i been speaking with so far, and myself.  Below you find the mission statement and goals we had worked out some months ago.

Some people from the group asked me for objectives and mission of your informal group, did u have something about that written, would be nice to have a look.

We are volunteers from VIA Belgium, SCI India, SCI Italy, VCV Serbia, CID Macedonia, GAIA Kosovo,…  and others , independent International grassroot volunteers.  We had some ideas and proposals to work with refugees in SCI, as Social Inclusion initiative, relief work, empowering and networking of – between volunteers,,…

Me I am Yahu, some of you know me, right now representative of GAIA Kosove.  I work for over 15 years with in SCI.  I was officer in VIA Belgium, trainer for different branches, YUWG coordination,Social Inclusion officer, fundraiser,…  I am dedicated to work full time around this refugee crisis, and value the support SCI can play in this story.

Now below i will paste the mission and goals we where writing down… Note that many things will overlap with what u are already doing..  Tell us what you think, how we can work together.

I will write you also more coming days about 2 projects we are initiating and that could perhaps fit into SCI context.

Waiting for all your feedbacks…  sorry i am unavailable for skype in this days, will read your mails.



Mission statement

“When Verdun was bombed, volunteers took initiative to help rebuild what was destroyed. Today we are facing an increasing worldwide refugee crisis, volunteers are taking initiative to provide first aid.
In Verdun it was a statement of International brother-sisterhood that German and French volunteers joined hands. Today we need to make a statement for a humane society, that has time and space for victims of war.”

War causes an increasing number of people seeking refuge, and more are expected on a global scale.
The vision of the Refugee Working Group;
a world where people on the run for war are considered “people” who are seeking refuge, we dream of a world where human values overcome cultural relativism and xenophobia.
We want a truly inclusive SCI that has legal solutions for participation and mobility of people who are labeled as being “illegal”.
Many SCI branches and more volunteers are engaged in refugee support actions, grassroots and trough institutions. The refugee WG will build expertise about existing actions within SCI. We will create a platform to unite and empower branches and volunteers active in refugee support. Trough exchange of practice and network meetings we will make creative and innovative proposals towards the role of our movement in this worldwide challenge.

-Refugee WG will create a platform aiming to unite and empower refugee support actions of SCI- branches, partner organizations, like minded organizations and international volunteers.
– The WG will offer International Activists in the field time and space to exchange practice and to communicate their (often traumatic) experiences, in an environment where they can find rest, inspiration and new energy.
-The WG will be a seedbed for new and creative projects. We will facilitate teams of volunteers from SCI branches to propose actions and fundraising schemes within the framework of SCI her mission, vision and practice.
-The WG will search for formula’s to connect the core business of SCI (long and short term exchanges) to the work done with refugees. Connecting – where that is needed and possible – with the work of other SCI Working Groups such as YUWG, GAIA, … and establishing relations with relevant International institutions and authorities.
-The Refugee WG will monitor and map the international refugee situation, using all tools available (institutional and grassroots data) providing SCI with updated intelligence and expert volunteers on the subject.
-The WG will create a fund for immediate relief in emergency situations.

Plan of action

– Create a Steering Group of branch representatives who will be available for overall coordination of the Working Group
** November 2015

– Building a database to map existing refugee related groups or actions by SCI branches,partner organizations, volunteers and local work camp hosts.
**December 2015

– Organize a meeting to bring refugee related SCI initiatives together for exchange of good practice and mutual support.
**April 2016

– Make a fundraising effort for immediate support to International volunteers active in support of refugees.
**December 2015

– Apply for a seminar / training course to bring together WG members and International activists and volunteers working directly with refugees (within SCI and like minded organizations)


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